Benefits of a Virtual Business Phone System

If you’re using an outdated phone system that limits staff mobility, it’s time to invest in a virtual business phone system. These systems are cost-effective and offer valuable features that boost productivity.

Some of these include toll-free numbers, local numbers, on-demand numbers, call recording, and more. Here are some reasons to consider a virtual office phone system for your small business:.


With remote work becoming mass-adopted and seen as a legitimate business practice, the need for versatile telecom tech is growing. Virtual phone systems are a great option for businesses looking to scale their teams with ease while keeping call quality intact.

Unlike landlines, calls made using a virtual business phone system go over the internet rather than copper wires. This allows your team to answer on their preferred device, whether it’s a physical office phone or software-based “softphone” apps on computers and tablets.

The best virtual phone systems come equipped with call routing and automation features that help you create the perfect workflow for your team. For instance, you can route calls to an auto-attendant or a phone tree that matches your company’s brand. Additionally, the ability to multitask with a virtual phone system is essential, and the best options feature tools like transcribed voicemails, SMS and video conferencing. Additionally, the top virtual phone system providers offer a robust knowledge base and helpful customer support to solve any problem you may have.


When you have a virtual business phone system, you don’t need to worry about keeping track of landlines and multiple employee devices. The software is cloud based and can be easily accessed on any device that’s compatible with your provider.

A virtual business phone system is also easier to integrate with other tools that keep teams connected. Collaboration apps like Slack, audio and video conferencing, and internal text messaging all work seamlessly together with a virtual phone system.

A virtual phone system can also be set up to direct calls to various locations and employees based on specific criteria. For example, Chris, the public relations firm owner we mentioned earlier could have all calls directed to his office during business hours and his personal cell phone afterward. The possibilities are endless. This convenience is a big selling point for small businesses.

On-Demand Numbers

Company Description

For business owners that want to project a professional image without the need for expensive hardware and complex installations, virtual phone systems are an excellent choice. With easy-to-use, customizable PBX business phone software and a mobile-friendly admin dashboard, it takes just seconds to change who gets sales calls or add an employee or team member.

Some of the best virtual phone system providers include a range of useful features that make communication and collaboration simpler, including call recording, unified messaging, texting, and more. Many online business phone systems also integrate with other apps that small businesses use on a daily basis, like CRMs and email providers.

MyOperator’s virtual business phone solution offers local and toll-free numbers, advanced call routing options, and more. Their plan options include a number of minutes and features that scale to meet the needs of different departments. All plans come with unlimited extensions, call recording, and more. Getting started is simple, just select the local or toll-free number you want during the signup process and start working.

Cloud Storage

Some virtual business phone systems offer cloud storage capabilities that make it easy for team members to quickly search and share important data. This can save time when responding to customers’ questions, for example. The best solutions also feature automation capabilities that streamline small business communication processes. These features include phone menu and texting automations, and they can also help employees collaborate and work together better by making it easier to transfer calls, schedule meetings, or send appointment reminders.

Some companies, such as Grasshopper, are designed to meet the needs of mobile entrepreneurs and startups and offer a cloud-based PBX solution that works with existing phones (home, office or cell). They have a centralized auto receptionist, call recording options and allow users to create vanity 800 numbers upon registration.

Other providers, such as Aircall, offer full-scale cloud PBX systems that provide the ability to store data and integrate with customer relationship management tools. These systems can be deployed on a dedicated IP network or they can use the same infrastructure as the company’s office computers.

Adam Ward

Adam Ward