Bomb Lux 0% Nicotine 2800 Disposable Vape Pen

The Bomb Lux is a powerful and sleek vape pen that is capable of handling a variety of liquids. It features an integrated 1200mAh battery as well as a Mesh coil. In addition, it offers 17 different flavors that can be drawn-activated.


A draw-activated Bomb Lux vape is the perfect choice for people looking to quit smoking. This device has a small, sleek design that provides a smooth and comfortable throat hit. It is the ideal device for daytime use.

With a built-in battery and a 6.5ml pre-filled pod, this disposable vape is easy to use. The pod contains a nicotine salts solution and e-liquid for a full, pleasurable throat hit.

For users who are used to smoke, a draw-activated Bomb LUX vape can be the most affordable and convenient way to switch to electronic cigarettes. The disposable vapes are also available in a wide variety of flavors. These are also ideal for beginners.

In addition to the flavor options, there are a few different things to look out for when selecting a disposable vape. One of the most important things is the power of the battery. A good battery should last for at least two weeks of daily use.

Mesh coil

Bomb Lux 0% Nicotine 2800 Disposable Vape Pen

The Bomb Lux disposable vape pod system is one of the most popular devices of its kind. Its stylish design and generous 6.5ml e-juice tank provide an enjoyable and satisfying vaping experience. This device also offers several nice features, including a grill on its outer surface, a removable tank and a built-in battery.

Bomb LUX is one of the most affordable vape pod systems in the market. It is compact, and provides a great throat hit with a variety of tasty flavors. These include sweet, salty, and fruity e-juice.

Bomb LUX has a stylish design, and a grill on its outer surface. The 6.5ml tank has the capacity to last an average pack-a-day smoker for two weeks. Powered by a 1200mAh built-in battery, this device can offer up to 2800 puffs. Its e-juice is made with a 50mg/ml volume of nicotine.

17 delicious flavors

Bomb Lux is one of the most innovative disposable vapes on the market today. It has a long battery life, a 6.5ml pre-filled pod with a tasty e-liquid, and a sleek design. The aforementioned features make it a good choice for both casual and avid vapers.

The Bomb Lux has 17 flavors to choose from. You can try out the Unicorn, a blend of strawberries and milk flavors, for a truly luxurious experience. Aside from this, the pods have a surprisingly long battery life. They can last several hours of vaping at a time.

Bomb Lux is available at wholesale prices. There are also bundles of the device. When buying, it’s a good idea to shop around to find the best deal. Also, you want to look for a variety of e-juices so you’re not stuck with the same flavor. This way, you’ll be able to avoid running out of e-liquid or confusing yourself.

1200mAh built-in battery

When it comes to bomb disposable vapes, the Bomb LUX is one of the most unique and stylish disposable vapes on the market today. With a generous 6.5 ml tank and a powerful 1200mAh built-in battery, it’s sure to keep you vaping for hours. The LUX also features a 5% salt nicotine level for a satisfying flavor.

It’s no secret that disposable vapes are getting a lot of attention in the vaping community. This is due in part to the fact that they offer a lot of convenience and are easy to carry. However, you should make sure that you choose a product that has a battery that is powerful enough to last for a few days. There are some other things you should look for, like a wide variety of e-juices, when you’re shopping.

Shipped within 3-4 business days

The Bomb LUX is a notch below the competition in terms of price, but not by much. If you’re in the market for a high-end disposable vape, a nice one can be yours in as little as two days. With free standard shipping and a streamlined checkout process, ordering a new vaporizer has never been more convenient. The company even offers free return shipping, so you can get your product back for a nominal fee. And as with all of the company’s other offerings, you can have it shipped anywhere in the country. So, if you’re looking for a sexy, sexy vape that will satisfy your cravings for at least the next few days, the Bomb LUX should be at the top of your list.

In terms of performance, Bomb LUX’s disposable vape pen is more than enough for your vaping needs. Using this device, you’ll enjoy a full 2800 hits, which is more than enough to keep you occupied for a whole day. For those who need more than the occasional hit, the company also offers a variety of refillable cartridges. You can even customize your order by selecting a flavor and nicotine strength suited to your tastes.

Adam Ward

Adam Ward